Friday, 27 March 2015

What is the Difference Between Skydiving and Parachuting?

There are not many differences between parachuting and skydiving. However, there involves some slight changes. For both the activities, you need to parachute. If you want to do skydiving without a parachute, then it is applicable but it is applicable only for an experienced person. Mostly, the solo skydiving is performed by experienced and eligible trainers. If you are doing for the first time, then you will be provided parachute and necessary training. Free falling comes under skydiving. It helps you to explore and add a new element to the activity. When you are parachuting alone, you will be given sufficient instruction and training. Let us explain clearly about parachuting. Parachuting is suitable for any person.

It is an adventurous sport that you should not miss in your lifetime. In this activity, the person will jump from the plane, and he has to pull the parachute at the level of exit. He will be given training when to pull the parachute and how to pull it down. Most of the first time jumpers will try to remain on the static line. For example, if you have seen soldiers performing for a special celebration or special days, they would jump out and maintain a static line. It is awesome to look, and when it comes to doing on own, the experience will be more thrilling and exciting. In the parachuting, the parachute will be attached to the plane, and that is the reason they are able to maintain a static line.

In the skydiving, the person has to pull manually. When you exit from the plane, you will be let free, and it is called as freefall. You will be actually floating in the air in the free form. It is mostly performed for an extreme thrill and a new experience. You will start to become experienced in skydiving when you do once or twice.  

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  1. Wow! It is a well written article. I always get confused between parachuting and skydiving and now I am clear about the similarities and differences.