Monday, 20 July 2015

Tips to Choose the Best Skydiving Training Method

Have you planned to start your vacation with skydiving? Well, you have taken a good decision. But you have to prepare yourself by training for the activity. Calculate the cash and time required for skydiving and choose the best training method. There are three kinds of skydiving, accelerated free fall (AFF), tandem, and static line. It will help you to gain some experience, and you can fly in the beautiful skies without the fear of drowning or getting lost. It is best to get information from experienced skydivers. They will provide A to Z details about the activity and how you need to dive and float in the sky. It is necessary to think and set some essential tips in your mind.

You have three options, and it is your turn to choose the option that you are comfortable. If you find any one option suitable for your requirement, then you can go with the option. To be frank, if you are doing skydiving for the first time, then you will enjoy which ever method you are selecting.

Static line: It has been in practice for more than thirty years. It is one of the popular skydiving methods. A person will be allowed to do static line after getting the license by doing twenty five free falls. The person will be given ground training for four hours. He will be flying in the attitude of four thousand feet.

Tandem Jumping: It is also popular and for this method you do not require any special training. You can easily perform the skydiving without training and stress. You will be given basic training that will take around thirty minutes.

Accelerated free fall: It is the extreme skydiving method. While performing this method, you will have two instructors train you and help you in the process. The trainers will give you ground training for forty five minutes.
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  1. Each method is completely different from one another, and you need to start with some training. Thanks for sharing useful information.